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Ethereum 15% Promo

Ethereum 15% Bonus

We have lunched Enigma the world lagest mining facility for ethereum and so far it has been very productive. We are encouraging our miners to try our ethereum mining,

Get a 15% bonus

ChicoCrypto Mining has decided to give exactly 15% bonus on every new ethereum deposit above $10,000. This offer is active from the 20th of March to 30th of April 2021.

Every member of ChicoCrypto Mining can participate in this on going promo irrespective of what currency they mine or if they are yet to mine with us.

Please note that there will not be referral bonuses on any promotional deposit that is made with a promo code

To join the 15% Promo, all you need to do is deposit $10,000 worth of Ethereum with the promo code CCETH.